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Before and After Pictures (Pics) Women

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Before and After Pictures of Women using Oxyelite Pro from around the Web

diet oxyelite pro

Amber’s Before  and After Oxyelite Pro Pictures

women before oxyelite pro

Amber’s before OEP Pic

Amber’s before oxyelite pro pic can be seen above. Although she’s by no means drastically overweight, notice her rounded stomach and hips – those trouble areas that most women have! At starting her workout routine and diet plan, Amber weighed in at 172 pounds after given birth. She took the pills for 3 months and she didn’t experience any jitters or bad side effects like other weight loss pills she tried, however, she does warn that since it is a thermogenic you need to make sure you drink alot of water. She did work out a whopping 4 to 5 time a week but at 10 months, shes down to 123 pounds and managed to keep it off!

She did follow a good diet regiment but claims she ate some snack food like a cookie every once and a while. It’s good to know you don’t have to be on an extreme diet and have good results with oxyelite pro! See the after picture below:

Women After Oxyelite Pro Pic

Amber’s After Oxyelite Pro Pictures at 123 pounds


Erica M’s Before and After Pics and Results from OEP

Erica B Before And After

Eric’s Before and After Pictures

Erica said she lost 7 pounds within the first week and continued to loose weight by taking 2 capsules of usplabs oxyelite pro. She ate healthy eating a strict diet plan. She claims that it gave her good energy and her appetite was reduced to the point where she actually had to make herself eat. Although in the after picture it looks like she sucking in her stomach a bit these are still dramatic results. As with allot of before and after shots it also looks like she received a slight tan as a result of taking oxyelite pro.

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Jenn’s before and after pictures after taking The Diet Solution

Jenn before diet solution

Jenn’s picture before on the diet solution

Jenn struggled all her life with her weight and and at 5 foot 4 she was a size 14 and about 190 pounds. As a graduate student she was pressed to find time to eat right and healthy so she needed an easy solution to follow to get results. Her final wakeup call was when she learned her dad was pre diabetic and she did not want to fall into the same fate as him. She searched online for one of the more popular diet programs and ended up purchasing The truth about 6 pack abs and The Diet Solution. After following steps in both books, she dropped from a size 14 down to a size 8 which in her case was equivalent to 40 pounds. She highly recommended the program and her pictures show some wonderful results. She is continuing with the dieting routine and hopes to loose yet another dress size in the near future.

Jenn After Diet Solution

Jenn after pictures loosing 40 pounds and going down from a size 14 to a size 8

Stephanie’s Before and After Results after taking The TRUTH about 6 Pack Abs

Steph  before diet photo

Steph’s before pic weighing in at 190 pounds!

Stephanie also had good results following a diet program that helped her loose weight. She ended up going down from a size 14 (seen above) to a size 5. At that point in time that the picture was taking, she weighed in at 190 pounds. Currently with the progress she made using The truth about 6 pack abs, in 9 months she is down to 120 pounds. She claims that she has never felt more health and vibrant as ever before!

Start Your Own Success Story and Take Some Before Shots Now

You just might amaze yourself like these other women have at the progress. Start taking your before pictures now and after you buy oxyelite pro and start a diet plan, you may just have results like the women above. Two of the most popular diet programs available today are called the Truth About 6 Pack Abs and The Diet Solution. Both are perfect to follow while using oxyelite pro!

Oxyelite Pro Diet Plan for Women

Oxyelite Pro Reviews From Women

I have created a list of oxyelite pro reviews from women on this page from across the Internet. You can also submit your review of oxyelite pro by visiting the oxyelite pro results page and submit it in the comment section.  Click the following to see my oxyelite pro results.


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