Negative Reviews of Oxyelite Pro

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In general, most people have success when taking oxyelite pro. By looking at the amazon review numbers, out of 309 reviews, 79% of people gave usplabs fat burner product over 3 stars. This is especially significant since most people are more included to write reviews to complain about something instead of praising it.

Negative Reviews Oxyelite Pro

As you can see, the negative reviews of oxyelite pro are small in comparison to the positive reviews and results

Why Some Negative Reviews?

Although  a larger number of people have had success with oxyelite pro then haven’t, unfortunately no product works 100% for everyone. Since everyone is built differently, there’s no way of  knowing a hundred percent sure that something will work. More likely, however, would be that most people who did not get the results they wanted probably did not follow the label instructions closely enough.  The most common negative review included complaints of headaches, for example, but this could have more then likely been easily avoided if they took in the proper amount of fluid to prevent dehydration.

The Not So Plesant Results

You HAVE TO drink water, and lots of it while taking OEP. This has not been a problem for me as I drink lots of water anyway but I still have to up my intake alot.  As a results of this, I have to pee almost every hour but thats a normal result. Most symptoms that people talk about are regarding hydration which is completely understandable based on my experience. So just be sure to drink tons of water, and when in doubt, drink alot more!

You also cannot be drinking alcohol while taking it. This is probably due to the fact that alchohol actually dehydrates you more. This is a warning right on the label – no booze!

As it’s a thermogenic, it will raise your body temperature, which could cause some unfortunate sweating. For me, it makes my hands and palms a bit more sweaty during workouts but not so bad that I would be embarrassed at work. I would recommended covering up with more clothes just in case though while you in public until you body gets used to it.

Many people have said that OEP would suppress your appetite but this did not happen for me at all. Either I’m a monster with a large appetite or everyone else was just plain lying. My appetite has been pretty much the same.

For starters, I want to say that OEP does curb your appetite. The problem is, however, it’s thermogenic qualities are less than say Lipo 6. I didn’t quite  feel like I was heating up  like other thermos.  But, on a positive note, there was no big downer that I felt.

The negative effects during use for the past month and a half has been a substantiated  increase in heartrate so that whenever I did any running, my heart rate was in the low 195s which was alarming. Now because of the high heart rate, I  keep up with any running for more then 6 minuets at best. The other issue I had was that I would sweat profusely and get dehydrated pretty fast. Because of this, I was drinking a more then 3 liters of water a day which made me go to the washroom many times a day.  On top of this, I felt fatigued most of the time as if my body was going on overtime or something. This might be looked as a good thing but I was feeling overtired and it was hard to concentrate. These were the side effects after taking the pills. I’m hoping my body can recover and with the better eating routine I started, I can get the same effects of the capsule with less negative effects on my body.


I did have two problems with it however. At first, I had a hard time going to bedwhile taking oxyelite. Second, it made me very anxious and on edge. I have a  couple friends who have also taken it who didn’t have any issues or effects with it. In Summary, if you have anxiety problems I would avoid completely against taking oxyelite.

I followed the directions as listed on the bottle, eventually I ended up taking two pills in the morning, and one in the afternoon. I didn’t notice any significant weight loss than usual. I didn’t notice a crash from taking it but this is probably because of the way my body is used to caffeine.  I never ate to much throughout the duration while taking it and it made following my eating routine very simply because I just didn’t have the appetite. I did not seem to have any extra energy from taking it since caffeine just gives me jitters not energy.   Side effects were minimal and probably not different than any other huge amount of caffeine. In Summary,  if you are looking for a good appetite suppressant this will do the trick. If you are looking for an amazing and magical weight loss pill you may want to look elsewhere.

So In summary, as with any product, there will be some negative reviews of the product. However, at about $30 a pop, it might be worth the chance to see if it would work for you. I recommended using it if you are already healthy and are looking to loose that last bit of fat that does not seem to want to come off. OEP might be able to give you that added boost you need to make this happen! Be sure to check out some positive reviews from men and postive reviews from women too!

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