Oxyelite Pro Reviews From Women

I have created a list of oxyelite pro reviews from women on this page from across the Internet. You can also submit your review of oxyelite pro by visiting the oxyelite pro results page and submit it in the comment section.  Click the following to see my oxyelite pro results.


“In 6 days lost 4 pounds”

I take only one pill everyday and in 6 days I lose 4 pounds. My stats are female, 5 foot 11, used to weigh 151 pounds before oxyelite pro now I’m down to 147. The only downside is that you can’t drink alot of coffee while on the supplement but for the weight loss results, its worth it!
- V. Zies

“Dropped 22 pounds in 2 Months”

I’ve taken oxyelite pro and had astounding achievements with it. I dropped 22 pounds in 2 months ( 140 to 118 ) with out even exercising. I do admit using 2 pills just after waking up and one at brunch was way to much so I only took 1 after you get up and one at lunch, but no complaints for the reason that that makes them last longer. I would def recommend it.

“In 6 days down 7 pounds”

In six days, I am down 7 to 8 pounds. I am 5”9 and weighed 139 pounds when starting oxyelite pro. My resulting weight after being on it was 132. It really did suppress my appetite as well
- A.Martin

“Ability to keep up with my 3 young ones”

I really swear by oxyeliete pro! I only take two capsules on a daily basis, just after waking up before something to eat. This gives me the ability to keep up with my 3 young ones. I have not suffered energy down spelling any way. I haven’t lost much weight yet, but I feel it helps restrain my eating habits and past overeating problem. I recommend to all the people I know.

“Lost 12.5 pounds in 30 days”

I just wanted to share my results here with oxyelite pro.On the whole soon after using for 30 days, I’ve lost more than 12.5 lbs.The first half of the month I had been also working out, but the second half I wasn’t able to at all. Even though I was not working out or even exercising much, I continued to loose weight. My urge for food has mostly been non-existent which is immense for me because I happen to be a substantial late night food addict, or used to be at least. I’m certainly ordering my next bottle very soon! However, be sure you precisely read everything , since it does state that you are not able to take oxyelite capsules for longer than eight weeks at one session (after the 8 week’s is up, go on a month off prior to continuing use, based on the bottle.) Definitely think its worth a try!

“He has lost 20 pounds, I have lost 15″

Does its job great. Both better half and I both go on it. He has dropped just about 20 pounds. I have dropped nearly more than 15lbs. I’m pretty impressed with it and I have  done lots of fat reduction products. This gets results for me. I am going to looking for more.

“Very Pleased”

I recently stop smoking after two decades along with stopping to drink espresso during the mornings. Personally, it was too much of an addiction in the morning. I wished for one thing to give me strength during the mornings with out making me jumpy and oxyelite pro was the item recommended . I actually have enough energy now for making it though the day. It takes nearly twenty min to kick in and I feel a the boost of energy and and yet not the extreme drop off right at the end of the day. I only take one in the morning so this bottle of oxyelite will last me three months.Very pleased with this. I just began taking it so I can’t say something concerning slimming.

“Lost 30 Pounds and 6 Inches”

I love it, I wast rying OxyElite Pro for approximately four months right now. In that schedule I actually have dropped thirty pounds (lbs) and also six inches away from my hips. It ll you sweat but it is actually a thermogenic and the more you perspire the better. I really like it and I am going to continue taking it.

“3 Days and lost 5 pounds”

I have already been using this all-natural supplement for a month presently and I can say by far it is the best!  Within three days I was able to drop 5 to 6lbs and I furthermore notice that my mid section was becoming slightly smaller. Of course most of it probably was water weight nonetheless, this pill lives up to what it states! For the first 5 days I had a hard time adjusting to the serving size, but after my first seven days I was able to take the dosage accordingly. If you need to shed weight in a proper form, use oxyelite pro, I promise you, you will not be dissatisfied. Thus far I’ve lost 12lbs in a single 30 days time. 6 lbs more to go for my target!

“Burned 21 pounds in 8 weeks”

I had been seeking to lose the “kid extra weight” I gained with my child (two years old currently) and absolutely nothing thus far worked so well…up until OXYELITE! I love these oral pills…these restrain my hunger merely enough that I can eat wholesome during the day and I feel charged!  I only have to take just one every day. I have burned 21 pounds began about eight weeks ago and I must say that these pills are exactly what I wished…Recommended to everyone!

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